Spring break travels: Fort Lauderdale

Happy Thursday you guys. It’s almost the weekend!

This past week I just returned from a three day weekend for spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s about 30 minutes from Miami. This was the first time I’ve been there, so I really had no idea where to go besides the beach, but my friend and I found some good places to hangout at. Mind you I also had no idea that this was a big spring break destination for, so there was a lot of college students walking around. But I was just happy I could go to the beach and get away from the cold in New Jersey for a few days.


We landed in Florida around 10 am with a few ours to kill before we checked into our motel. We stayed the  Bali Hai motel on North federal highway. A cute and quite place owned by an older couple If you ever travel down there, I highly recommend, its very affordable. It’s right across the street from a trader joes, and few other fancy restaurants. the place is a 10 minute drive to the beach, so it’s in a perfect location. The restaurant we went to was called Sage. It’s a French style café, with amazing food and huge wine selection. You can either sit outside or inside if you like. I Highly recommend the salmon/crab burger. Afterwards we hit the beach. Sunday was packed with so many people, but the water was warm, beautiful, and crystal clear. Later that night we hit up Las Olas Blvd where all the restaurants and bars are located. The first spot we went to was Kava Sutra bar. Kava is a special root that is strained into a liquid and when you drink it, it’s suppose to give you a mellow effect similar to drinking alcohol with the hungover feeling. I like the after effect of the drink but personally the drink itself is not for me. It’s basically drinking dirt water, but they have other flavors to mix with it. Afterward we headed back to the beach area and went to a bar called sangrias, where he had live music and margarita server I glasses bigger than your head.




Beach, food, booze and repeat.

Our second day there was another relaxing beach day. We got lunch at Casablanca, the building was the first home built on fort Lauderdale beach in 1927. Very nice atmosphere, they serve a blend of American and Mediterranean food. Later that night we hit the strip again and went to Lulu’s bait shack. They have amazing wings and really good drinks. The drinks come in different cups and you get to keep them as a souvenir. They’re very popular for their colorful fish bowl drinks. another note is that the beaches are safe at night. I was surprised to see a lot of people walking the beach at night. I live near Atlantic city, and if you’re walking on the beach at night you’re just asking for trouble haha. But overall it was a good night out. (If you’ve read my previous posts, I’m wearing my Midori bikini and using my Sand cloud towel).

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Our last day was cut short because we had an evening flight. My friend an I decide to go into the city further down Las Olas Blvd and get brunch then visit the art museum. we stopped at another French restaurant called La Bonne Crepe. I think its pretty self explanatory in what they specialize, I had a gruyere cheese, ham and apple compote crepe. I’m pretty sure there’s over 100 different crepes that they make. definitely check them out if you’re in that area. Our final stop was the NSU art museum. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. however, if you’re into art or need a place to go to in fort Lauderdale, I highly suggest stopping by. If you’re a student admission if $5 and regular admission is $12.


So that its for todays post. I was so sad to leave, I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to come back to the frozen tundra in the Northeast. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think or recommend any other places to go in Florida. You can also follow me on the social media accounts listed below

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Bikinis you need this summer

Summer is just around the corner!! And I know a lot of people have been preparing for bathing suit season and looking for some cute bikinis. I’d thought I share with you guys my favorite pieces. midori-bikinis

Midori Bikinis

I discover Midori Biknis on Instagram over a year ago and let me say this is probably one of my favorites. The quality of the material is thick, it’s durable, and true to size. I love the different patterns and colors that they come in.  If you notice the style, the bottoms are Brazilian cut so they show off a little more skin. But don’t worry they do sell bottoms with more coverage. Right now they sold out of their 2016 inventory and they’re about to release their 2017 collection. Now if you’re looking for cheap bikinis sets this company may not be for you. Each piece is sold for $54-$62, however they do have sales. I normally buy the individual pieces at separated times. During Black Friday they had a 50%  sale so I stocked up! Let me tell you do get your moneys worth with this company and I highly recommend buying from them.



Ama Bikinis & American Eagle Outfitters

The second set of bikinis is from a company called Ama Bikinis. I recently found this company online and they also make Brazilian bikinis. I like them because they have really stylish and colorful patterns. The material is not as thick a Midori but the fit is comfortable. The pieces are a little more affordable, Prices range from $25 to $49. they also have frequent sales throughout the year. The meaning behind the company name is that Ama is Japanese for woman of the sea. There’s more info about it on their about page, its actually really interesting. Lastly, my final piece is from Aerie/American eagle. they had a 60% off sale for bathing’s suits so I decided to grab one because it was only $7. I like the quality of AEO, I’ve been buying from them since forever. It shows off skin but not too much skin and its nice to mix’n match with my other tops.

Down below are more photos of more bathing suit designs (these are not mine)


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Thanks for reading 🙂




March Playlist

So this week I thought I do another music post. Lately I’ve have been obsessed with this genre Lofi-hiphop. I’ve posted about it before. It’s my favorite music to listen to while studying or just relaxing. I’ve posted five new songs that I’ve discovered and like. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Phil Smiff- Lake.side

2. Hisokah – school rooftop


3.  Eddie Rohosy- – Night Ride


4. Bluknight- Chillin in Brazil (This one is my FAV!!)


5. Heliflopper – I will be alright


Philly travels: Chinatown

So this weekend I spent the day in Philadelphia. I’m taking a food and culture course at school and one of our assignments is to go somewhere and do something cultural. It’s a very interesting class and I love the fact that my professor really encourages us  to go out and travel, and experience different cultures instead of being stuck in the same small town forever.

With this strange weather it was 70 degrees in February, and I decided to take advantage and meet up with two of my friends in the city. the first place I thought to visit was Chinatown. It’s literally a block from the train station and I’ve never really explored Chinatown before, which was a shame because this area is amazing!

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So our first stop was a bubble tea shop called Tea-Do. its very chic inside and that bubble tea tastes even better. I had the green apple tea with lychee pieces. They we walked around the block and went inside this art craft store with a giant hello kitty sign. Inside they sell cute themed stationary supplies and cartoon stuffed animals. Later we got lunch at Yamistuki, which is a Japanese noodle and sushi bar. They’re pretty affordable, the ramen is delish, and their organic teas are soooo good! Lastly, for dessert I finally got to try the popular rolled ice cream. The place is  I-CE NY, they’re originally from Thailand. I got the banana pudding, which I highly recommend. Afterward we walked off he food and head to South street and went to some thrift stores, but overall it was a great day. down below I’ve posted photos of all the places I went to.


art craft




Thanks for reading hope you guys enjoyed!


The beach towel you need this summer

sandcloud towel.png

So spring break is around the corner, which means summer is close by! For this post I thought I’d share my favorite beach essential, a Sandcloud towel. You’re probably asking what’s Sandcloud towels. Well Sandcloud is a company in California who makes Turkish cotton beach towels and the company donates 10% of their profits to protect marine life.

I’m a brand ambassador for them which is basically, just posting about the product on social media and I also get a discount code to give out to my friends and family. They  make other accessories like necklaces, phone cases, water bottles, and shirts but my all time favorite products are the beach towels. What’s great about the towels is that they are light weight, they don’t take up too much space, colorful, can be use to dry off or as a  blanket to sit on, and they’re easy to wash. I have a few towels and I use them every time o go to the beach. I’ve even gotten a few of my friends to obsess over them. Below are a few pictures from  the Sandcloud web site        (These photos are not mine).


If you like what you see, check out their site http://www.sandcloudtowels.com, If you want to purchase something, you can use my code briana25 to receive 25% off your purchase and help keep our marine life safe. (My code is also in the first picture above).



New Surf Gear

Happy Monday! I’ve been having a bad case of the winter blues over here in New Jersey lately and I’m really missing summer. I love going to beach and I’ve been learning how to surf for the past two years. So this year I’m really excited because I just bought new surf gear so I can surf again in the spring.I wanted to share some of the items I purchased over winter break.


This is a traction pad for those of you who may not know much about surfing. It helps with getting a better grip on the board. I was looking for one for the longest time but they can be pricey. Luckily I got this at a local surf shop in my area and they were having a blowout sale, so I got this beauty for $20( they’re normally $40).


The water is still cold in the spring and I purchased 5mm O’neil boots and 3mm Rip curl Dawn Patrol gloves. I haven’t tried these in the water yet but many people recommend these brands and that they keep you pretty warm in the water.  I got these at two different surf shops in my area and I was able to get a discount on both.

roxy wetsuit (2).jpg
Roxy Syncro LFS 4/3mm

Lastly, I bought a new wetsuit 4/3mm ( mm is the thickness of the wetsuit ). Roxy is one of my favorite brands, I have 3/2 mm wetsuit from them and I love it. I’m a size 8 in roxy wetsuits and fits perfectly. Their Syncro LFS wetsuits have a thermal lining to keep you warmer and maximize your surf time in the water. I Actually bought this from Wetsuitwearhouse.com for 50% off and couldn’t pass up a deal that good.

I’m going to try and do more product reviews as well as blogging about my surfing experiences in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed, leave a comment below and tell me what you think!