The beach towel you need this summer

sandcloud towel.png

So spring break is around the corner, which means summer is close by! For this post I thought I’d share my favorite beach essential, a Sandcloud towel. You’re probably asking what’s Sandcloud towels. Well Sandcloud is a company in California who makes Turkish cotton beach towels and the company donates 10% of their profits to protect marine life.

I’m a brand ambassador for them which is basically, just posting about the product on social media and I also get a discount code to give out to my friends and family. They  make other accessories like necklaces, phone cases, water bottles, and shirts but my all time favorite products are the beach towels. What’s great about the towels is that they are light weight, they don’t take up too much space, colorful, can be use to dry off or as a  blanket to sit on, and they’re easy to wash. I have a few towels and I use them every time o go to the beach. I’ve even gotten a few of my friends to obsess over them. Below are a few pictures from  the Sandcloud web site        (These photos are not mine).


If you like what you see, check out their site, If you want to purchase something, you can use my code briana25 to receive 25% off your purchase and help keep our marine life safe. (My code is also in the first picture above).



New Surf Gear

Happy Monday! I’ve been having a bad case of the winter blues over here in New Jersey lately and I’m really missing summer. I love going to beach and I’ve been learning how to surf for the past two years. So this year I’m really excited because I just bought new surf gear so I can surf again in the spring.I wanted to share some of the items I purchased over winter break.


This is a traction pad for those of you who may not know much about surfing. It helps with getting a better grip on the board. I was looking for one for the longest time but they can be pricey. Luckily I got this at a local surf shop in my area and they were having a blowout sale, so I got this beauty for $20( they’re normally $40).


The water is still cold in the spring and I purchased 5mm O’neil boots and 3mm Rip curl Dawn Patrol gloves. I haven’t tried these in the water yet but many people recommend these brands and that they keep you pretty warm in the water.  I got these at two different surf shops in my area and I was able to get a discount on both.

roxy wetsuit (2).jpg
Roxy Syncro LFS 4/3mm

Lastly, I bought a new wetsuit 4/3mm ( mm is the thickness of the wetsuit ). Roxy is one of my favorite brands, I have 3/2 mm wetsuit from them and I love it. I’m a size 8 in roxy wetsuits and fits perfectly. Their Syncro LFS wetsuits have a thermal lining to keep you warmer and maximize your surf time in the water. I Actually bought this from for 50% off and couldn’t pass up a deal that good.

I’m going to try and do more product reviews as well as blogging about my surfing experiences in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed, leave a comment below and tell me what you think!


January 2017 New Music Discovery

So I thought every week I’d share with you guys five new songs and artist I’ve found. Part of my new year resolution is to listen to new music. I love finding unique artist, I’m very open to all types of music as long as it sounds good. A few weeks ago I was on Spotify looking for some new music to listen to I stumble upon this genre call Chill-hop, Jazz-hop,or Low-Fi hip-hop. It’s basically mellow hip-hop beats with little to no lyrics or audio from movies/TV shows. It’s great to listen to while studying or going for a walk. My favorite is listening to this on a rainy day with a cup of coffee (so aesthetic) It has a very calming and peaceful vibe. I’ve posted Soundcloud and youTube links down below. Take a listen and enjoy!

1. Mt.Marcy

2. The Deli

3. Sleepdealer

4. Craetion

5. Outdoors

Let me know what you think in the comments below

Until next time 🙂

Concerts you must go to in Philadelphia: Radio 104.5 Winter Jam

If you’re an avid music lover and you find yourself in Philadelphia, then you need to check out concerts hosted by  Radio 104.5. They are a unique radio station that plays only Alternative/ Indie music and they have free concerts for their listeners every year. They are my favorite Radio station in the Greater Philadelphia area. I’ve been going to their shows since high school and each year gets better and better.

This past Sunday, my friends and I attended their annual winter jam concert or as it was know this year Winter Jawn concert (It’s a Philly term). The concert itself is free and all you have to do is download tickets to get into the show. The show is held outside next to the Xfinity live sports center in South Philly. This years lineup consisted of Andorra, Judah and the Lion, Capital cities, Phantogram, and Group love as the main headliner. They also had a new discovery stage consisting of up and coming bands : Run River North, LP, and Civil Youth. I was over by the main stage and didn’t get the chance to check them out.

I’m not going to lie- I am one of those people who likes to takes a lot pictures and videos during the show.  Down below I’ve shared my favorite photos from the show.

Judah and the lion
Judah and the lion

Favorite song:  Take it all back. These guys had some sick dance moves. They also do a great cover of the Killers Mr.Brightside.

Capital cities
Capital Cities

Capital cities was definitely my favorite performance. They really interact with the crowd. They’re know for their upbeat hit Safe and Sound.


What I like about this group that their music is chill but also has some pop/hip-hop influences in the beats.  Favorite song: You don’t get me high anymore.


I’m a huge fan of Grouplove’s music. This was my second time seeing them and let me tell you their shows are insane (in a good way). People go crazy at their shows- They crowd surf, start mosh pits and jump around like maniacs. Favorite song: Ways to go.

Radio 104.5 concerts are always a good time. If you’re planning to be in Philly during  January, make sure you download those tickets. The best thing about it, is that you get to see all of these AMAZING bands for free!! If you want to listen them but you’re not from the Philly area- don’t worry, you can listen to the station through

What are your favorite bands or concerts that  you’ve been to? Tell me  in the comments below.

Coffee Spots that you need to try


This is my first blog post ever, so I decided why not make my first post about my obsession for  coffee and my love of going to coffee shops. Now I come from a small town in Southern New jersey and there’s not many local coffee shops around. But I did live in the North Jersey/ New York area for two years and found some places I absolutely fell in love with.



This was the first real café I discovered while living I North jersey. It’s  located in the financial district in Jersey City, NJ. This place has the most beautiful coffee shop Aesthetic. Their coffee beans are from Haiti and they also make their cold brew using the Japanese slow drip method. Overall the workers are very friendly, the coffee is delicious, and it’s the perfect place to sit down and get some work done.



I heard about this café through Instagram and from a few other blogs. It’s been on the list of most instagramed places in New York City. This cute place is located in the West Village, looking over the busy streets. It’s not as roomy but its a nice spot to get something quick and relax for a few minutes.  They’re known for their Matcha green tea flavored beverages, so I decided to get the Matcha Latte. I’ve tried matcha drinks before and this one is definitely at the top of my list.

Drip N Scoop


My newest obsession. What I like about this spot is that they sell coffee, doughnuts and ice cream. they even make doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Talk about a three for one deal. I was really happy when this place opened because it’s not to far from where I live. It’s located in Ocean City, NJ. Another plus is that this place is a few blocks from the beach. The atmosphere is also a nice quiet spot, so you can some work in here as well. Besides the doughnuts, my favorite thing is the cold brew coffee, Its perfect for summer.

Thanks for reading my first post, more to come in the future! If you want, tell me your favorite coffee spots in the comments below, I love trying new places.